I’ve decided that I don’t get to buy anything anymore that I can’t prove I’ve given a lot of thought to.  How am I going to do that?  Lists!

I know- I can’t think of anything less deserving of an exclamation mark.  Still, anything that helps me be more organized is awesome, and this will help me keep my spending organized.

List One will have everything I know that I need right now:

It’s empty.  I literally can’t think of anything that I can’t do without, which pegs me as one of the most fortunate people on the planet.   However, if anything comes up that I think needs to go on this list, I have to let it sit there for at least a week and get multiple prices for it before allowing myself to get it.

List Two will have stuff on it that I want, but don’t need.  Once I put something on here, I have to wait a solid month before I’m allowed to get it.  The money to get it still comes out of the allocated spending money leftover in my budget, but I want to cut out all impulse buys.  Giving myself a month to think about it should do that.  In a lot of cases, it will take more than a month to save up the money to get it, but that’s not really a bad thing either.


The natural result of this is that I don’t get to buy anything for a month.  Considering I already established I don’t need anything, I hardly see this as a challenge, but it will be interesting to see if I can carry it out.  As I’ve said previously, when I look at my credit card transactions I do see regular purchases, once or twice a month, that I know were unplanned.  I’m not going to post every single thing on my lists here, but it is one way I can hold myself accountable.


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