Cheap Eats

I’ve decided I’m going to write weekly about the meals I cook ahead for lunches and dinners, since a) who knows, some day someone may read this and find inspiration, b) it will keep me accountable, and c) I’m the worst at remembering things I made in the past that worked since I go months without repeating recipes, and now I’ll have a record of them.

Today I spent about 3 hours cooking in total.  In that time, I turned $10 worth of salmon from Costco and a $1.99 mango plus some spices, sugar, and olive oil into six portions of a pretty amazing mango-glazed salmon dish.  I also diced and roasted a butternut squash ($1 from the market) and stir-fried $3 worth of green beans with garlic butter and chili peppers, and turned all of that into 6 lunches for us:


Then I grabbed 8 bone-in chicken thighs (a third of a $22 package, also from Costco), mixed a sauce of soy sauce, honey, ginger, garlic, and hot peppers (I dunno, $0.50 altogether?), and braised the chicken in that.  I also made some mashed potatoes with garlic ($0.25 for just the garlic and milk, since I grew the potatoes myself in buckets (which I may talk about in a follow up post someday)), and had that along with squash (it was a big one) for dinner, and also for 3 more dinners for the two of us this week.


Breakfasts will be homemade bread again, with peanut butter and bananas, cheese, or jam ($3-4 total?) means that breakfasts, 5 lunches (since we’ll have more sandwiches in between the fish meals), and 4 dinners cost a total of about $30.00.  The supper veggies will run out before the meat, so I’ll have to make a different side dish for a couple of those meals, but that won’t add more than a few dollars.  When we go out to eat later in the week, I don’t feel guilty at all.

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