Thanksgiving Cheap Eats

My food budget is almost a joke this week, but that’s because it was Thanksgiving over the weekend.  Two family meals and two mothers pushing leftovers on us means that we’re almost eating for free.

I packaged leftover ham, mashed potatoes, and veggies into two lunches for my husband (I’m not crazy about ham).  I’d been given a turkey carcass, so I made stock with that on Monday night with some onion and garlic skins and vegetable peels that I’d frozen in the past month.  Today I froze two litres of stock, and used a third to cook a box of whole wheat penne ($2.00).  I fried some onions and garlic on the side, added half a head of cauliflower and a few carrots ($3), then threw in the cooked noodles and the last bits of meat I’d taken from the turkey.  I thickened the remaining stock with flour, added salt, Parmesan cheese, and a little sour cream ($1?), then tossed everything together.  That will be my lunch tomorrow, as well as three suppers for the two of us.

Didn’t have time to bake, so breakfast this week is cereal.  Total cost for workweek meals: $10 or less.  Free food is awesome.

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