So why am I blogging?

It’s a fair question.  The Internet is swimming with finance and FIRE blogs who probably offer better advise than I can (after all, that’s where I got a lot of my inspiration).  I certainly and obviously know nothing about web design.  So why write about it?

A large reason is to hold myself accountable.  I’m excited and fired up (HA!) about this idea now, but suspect that I may grow tired of tracking every purchase and watching where every dollar goes with time.  If I make my results public and easily accessible, a) I’m  (hopefully) less likely to slack off, and b) I’ll see my results and stay motivated to keep going.  I’m essentially training myself to be more fiscally responsible. Constant positive reinforcement  (in the form of shiny graphs and seeing my net worth visibly grow) should help with that.

A second reason is more personal: I like projects.  Here’s a deep dark secret: life without kids is awesome, but there is a long stretch with no milestones between college graduation and retirement.  I always like finding projects with clearly defined goals that I can work towards in the meantime.  Vacations work, but even planning those in insane detail doesn’t take more than a month or two out of the year.  House purchasing worked as well, but that becomes an expensive hobby to keep doing that over and over!  I like my job for the most part, but I’ve never found personal satisfaction from it.  So personal finance blogging with the FIRE goal included has become my new long-term project.  If anyone ever reads this, so much the better!


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