Cheap Eats – 10/27/2017

I’m getting a little sick of chicken, but when you do your meat shopping at Costco even though you’re cooking for two, you have to get used to eating the same type of meat a lot, even when you have a good freezer.  I’ve been changing up the sauces, but I think I’m glad that that 24 pack of chicken thighs is done!

Still, it has turned into a lot of cheap meals.  On the menu this week, we have salmon & rice for lunches, and chicken and vegetables for supper.  For the salmon, I sort of followed this Budget Bites recipe (which, by the way, is an amazing source of cheap meal recipes), but used what was in my fridge/freezer instead.  I fried an onion, yellow pepper, garlic, and jalapeno ($2) till soft, added some cayenne pepper, tumeric, and smoked paprika, and 2 cups of rice ($1), then added 3 cups of chicken broth (homemade from the freezer, so $0) and simmered that for 15 minutes.  5 minutes into the timer, I mixed in broccoli  ($1) and added a large piece of salmon ($10) on top.


(Keep in mind I’ve never claimed to be a food photographer)

That’s actually a gigantic pan, so I easily got 8 portions out of that dish.

I marinated and baked 8 chicken thighs ($7.50) with an easy honey garlic sauce consisting of honey, garlic, soy sauce, and balsamic vinegar ($1).  While that was in the oven, I tried out a recent buzzfeed recipe.  I sauteed 4 anchovies (from a tin that has been in my cupboard for so long that I don’t remember the price, oops) and 4 garlic cloves ($.25) in some olive oil, then put those aside and cooked the sprouts ($2.50) with a little honey, olive oil, and red pepper flakes (negligible cost), then tossed everything together.


That only made 4 small portions though, so I used the rest of my (free home-grown) potatoes to make some roasted potatoes to have with the chicken.  When the sprouts run out, we’ll have salad ($3) on the side as the veggie.

Sum total:  Less than $30 for 4 days of lunches and suppers.  I didn’t have time to bake this weekend, so we’re having cereal ($5) and milk ($1.50) for breakfasts. As usual, we’ll probably run out of food Thursday night, but we’ve got plans to go out for supper with some friends that night, and will make sure to get something with leftovers to cover Friday.

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