Embarrassing surprises

Today I was going over all our expenses and income for the last month and got a nice surprise.  You know how sometimes you pull out a sweater that you haven’t worn since last winter and find a $20 in the pocket?  Well, after I went through all our accounts and plugged in all the numbers, I realized that our net worth was $11,356 higher than last month.

Record scratch?

Now, I’ll admit, between our two full time jobs and the rental income, I enjoy a household income that’s higher than I ever thought I’d have.  However, our post-tax income doesn’t even reach $10,000, so even if we forgot to pay every mortgage and bill, there’s no way that we could have saved that much.  So after going down every transaction I could find, I realized that I’d made a mistake last month.  At the time that I had added everything up, one of my transfers to an investment RRSP account had left my bank account, but had not yet shown up in its new home.  So after all my talk about watching my money more and tracking everything, I’m mortified to admit I had missed something that fucking huge.

The good news is that I can already see how the new plan is working.  I know that we’re in an amazing market right now and that there will be downturns in the next ten years, but in one month I have seen my balances rise faster than all the interest I’d earned keeping my money in chequing accounts (winces at the memory) for the last 15 years.

Going forward, I’ll probably log how much I transfer over from our bank accounts to Questrade, but since in the last month most of it was just clearing out cash accounts and putting that money where it will actually do some good, it wouldn’t be a representative number of how much we were actually able to save.

End result after everything: new net worth of $337,814.82.


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