Remember those lists?

A month and a half ago I decided to cut down on splurging by making myself hit the pause button for a month on all unnecessary purchases- and I was going to be strict with the definition of necessary.  Guess what?  It totally worked.

Confession time- somemost of the things I put on my ‘want’ list were unbelievably frivolous.  I knew it at the time, and yet it was still hard to not try them out anyway.  One of those would-be-impulse purchases was Revitalash, which runs about $100 USD for a tiny tube.  I have short, thin, almost invisible eyelashes, and I’ve tried so many ways over the years to make them fuller/visible.  This seemed to have great reviews (although, if I’m honest, so did everything else I’ve bought in the past), and I was really tempted to get this.  However, I refused, waited the full month, did more research, and let my brain move past the desire.  Now that I’ve thought about it for this long, it’s moved off the list altogether. Savings: about $125 (CAD)

Other ‘want’ purchases and the results after a month:

“The Stone Sky” by N.K. Jemisin: ordered it through my library digital app and got it 3 weeks later.  Savings: $21.

“The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Land” by Lisa See: picked it up at the library.  Savings: $23.

Ear plugs for sleeping (between 3 cats and my husband, the bedroom can get noisy): Bought off Amazon.  Spending: $29 for a tub of 100.

Algenist Retinal serum: I’ve been using this for a while, and generally go through 2 bottles a year.  At $208 for 2 ounces, it’s embarrassingly expensive.  I was afraid to switch to something else since I have sensitive skin, but resolved to wait for the annual 20% off Sephora sale.  Then I, um, forgot, and now the sale is past.  I’ve decided my skin will just have to do without for a couple months, since I’m pretty sure there’s usually another sale in February.  Since I’m making a $200+ purchase therefore stretch from 6 months to 9, I’ll count this as- Savings: $68.

Winter clothing: I have two long sleeved office-appropriate shirts.  I live in Canada.  I was planning on doing something about that, but my delay put me into November and now all stores are already getting busy for Christmas (crowded places make me squirrelly).  I’ve decided to just keep wearing my summer shirts and keep a warm but dressy cardigan at the office to wear over top.  Savings: $150 (ish, depending on what I bought).

Unbudgeted spending: A coworker was collecting money and gifts for Operation Christmas Child, and even though I’m a total grinch now and don’t buy Christmas presents for anyone in my life, I’m not heartless enough to want to deprive children.  I ended up spending about $120 on gifts and school supplies, $60 of which was tax deductible.

What I probably would have spent without my month-long waiting period: $535 (holy shit)
What I spent: $149 ($120 of which is a donation)
Savings: $386

I’d like to say that spending $400+ a month on personal items would have been an anomaly, but my review of past credit card statements says otherwise.  That’s going to change though, and making myself wait at least one full month before purchasing anything will definitely help.

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