Cheap Eats – 11/27/2017

Today’s post is a day late simply due to the fact that I had the day off today.  Instead of spending my Sunday afternoon cooking for the week, I spend Sunday afternoon raking leaves and clearing dead plants from the backyard, and pushed out cooking to today.  I just remembered now that we have dinner with the in-laws on Thursday, and since I made as much as I normally do when cooking on Sundays, I definitely made too much.  Oh, well.  Time to stock the freezer.

Supper tonight was an amazing pork shoulder ($18) that I found at the market.  I usually don’t get cuts like that since they’re normally way to big for the two of us to eat, even over the course of 3 or 4 nights.  However, this one was a perfect size at just under 4 lbs, so I snapped it up.  Today I roasted it at 250 degrees for most of the afternoon with just salt and pepper, took it out, covered it in char siu sauce ($1.50), then popped it back in the oven at 500 till it was crispy and caramelized.  On the side was garlic mashed potatoes ($2.50) and green beans ($5), and we’ll easily get 6 more portions out of it.


I also made a lentil and potato curry from 1.5 cups of lentils ($1.50), 2.5 cups of chopped potatoes ($2), a can of coconut milk ($1), chicken broth ($0, since homemade from scraps), an onion ($.25), garlic ($.50), curry paste ($.50), and a few various spices I tossed in at the end.  It ended up being a lot soupier than I thought it would, but still tasty.


Breakfasts will be using up the last of a loaf of bread and then more overnight oatmeal ($1.50), which means food for the work week coming under $35 again.

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