Yay, it’s spreadsheet time!

If there has ever been any question about if I’m a nerd, it can probably be settled by any mention of my deep, abiding love of spreadsheets.  My dream job would be just me and Excel, locked away in a room far away from other people.  Since I haven’t found a way to make that happen, I’ll console myself by a) creating as many reasons as I can think of to use the reports I build in Excel for work instead of company software, and b) spend an hour updating all our current balances in my google docs spreadsheet to see where our current financial standings have changed.

Well, as of today, our cash + investments + assets – debt equals…$348,402.07.  Another $10k increase!  This one is actually real, as far as I can tell, which is amazing.  It’s basically due to the fact that November was a 3 pay month for my husband, we’re paying enough extra on our houses that we’re paying minimal amounts of interest (it all goes to the principal), and we basically succeeded in not spending anything this month aside from what I’d mentioned previously.  Our grocery budget came under $300 for the month, we went out to eat twice (and spent an average of $25 per meal, which gave us leftovers each time), and we hardly spent any money on entertainment outside the house.  Did we live like monks?  Nope!  We had friends over, we went over to friends’ houses, we saw Thor and Three Billboards at discount theatres, I read 5 books, and generally lived normal lives.  What we didn’t spend money on: drinking (I have no moral issues with drinking, but it does get expensive, especially outside the house), car payments*, clothes, household goods, holiday decorating or presents, kid stuff, or any of the other expenses that seem to eat up the incomes of a lot of people we know.

*Oh, yeah.  Update on the car:  Our 10 year old Civic had enough resale value that it was worth it for our insurance company to spend $5,000 repairing it, so we get to keep her for a few more years.  Yay for old cars!

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