Cheap Eats: 12/3/2017

If I turned vegetarian, I could probably spend less than $200 a month on food.  I’ve noticed a pattern with all my food posts showing that I usually spend half my food budget on meat.  This week is no exception.  However, while I could easily see reducing or removing meat from my meal plan if I was cooking for myself, as long as I’m cooking for my husband as well, I’m stuck making sure meat is always on the menu.  I try to make up for it by buying traditionally raised, hormone-free meat as much as possible, but that keeps the price up.  At least I can feel slightly less guilty eating it!

Yesterday at the market I picked up a 7 lb chicken for $22.  I roasted it today, along with a couple scallions ($.50), sweet potatoes ($2), regular potatoes ($2), carrots ($1), and garlic ($.25).  It might have been a pricey bird, but it was tasty!


We’ll have chicken and veggies for a couple suppers till the vegetables are used up.  Right now I’ve got the slow cooker making stock from the bones and vegetable scraps (every time I chop an onion, peel a carrot, or chop celery I put the scraps into a bag in the freezer), and on Wednesday I’ll make soup with that, the remaining chicken, either lentil or noodles ($1), and the last of the carrots and celery in my fridge ($2).

For lunches, I cooked a cup and a half of rice ($1) in chicken broth, added 2 heads of cooked broccoli ($1.50) and half a head of cauliflower ($1), a can of cream of chicken soup ($1), half a cup of sour cream ($.50), some hot peppers and spices (not figuring out how much teaspoons of spices bought in bulk cost), topped it with about a quarter of a brick of shredded cheddar ($1.50), and baked it till bubbly.


All meals are taken care of till at least Thursday, and probably Friday as well depending on how much soup I make.  Even with the expensive chicken, everything still comes to less than $40.

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