Cheap eats- 12/11/2018

This is being posted a day late simply because I was busy last night, so I didn’t have time to summarize what I spent all afternoon cooking.  Turns out when you drink a bottle of wine over four hours you aren’t really in the mood to write coherently when you get home at midnight!

Today was another expensive meat/cheap everything-else menu.  I started off first thing in the morning using my slow cooker to carmelize a bunch of onions and peppers.  I could have done this manually, but 6 hours of hands-off cooking time is much more attractive than an hour of hands-on cooking.  I also took the onion skins and pepper stems and used that to create a nice vegetable broth.  When the onions were done, I took a 3 lb beef roast ($21), covered it in a dry rub consisting of salt, pepper, and whatever other spices looked good, seared it on all sides, then plunked it into the slow cooker.  I had delazed the pan with a little wine ($2), and added that liquid to the slow cooker along with about a third of the onion/pepper mix ($1.50) and the broth.  It cooked on low for 7 hours while we were out, and came out smelling amazing. While it was cooking, I also roasted a diced butternut squash ($1.50 from my frozen supply) and steamed some asparagus ($4). Finally, I pureed the roasted vegetables and broth together after the roast came out, which turned into the most savoury gravy possible.  That will cover us for suppers this week, although I might have to top up the veggies mid week with broccoli in the fridge ($2).


Lunches will be a quick healthy-ish version of mac and cheese.  I boiled a large head of broccoli ($2) and some leftover cauliflower ($2), and a box of whole wheat macaroni  ($1.5).  I made a cheese sauce of 3 cups of milk ($1,  flour ($ negligible),  garlic butter ($ negligible), and habanero havarti ($3), mixed it all together, and separated it into 8 portions.


Total cost for breakfasts of oatmeal ($1) and 4 days of lunches and dinners: $42.50.  Not bad when that includes an expensive cut of meat that would be $20+ a plate in any restaurant!

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