How to save money shopping online

Thought I’d share a quick little bit of advice on how to get extra discounts on online purchases.

So let’s say that you have a planned purchase that fits within your budget and that you’ve been thinking about for long enough that you’re sure you want it.  Go online and fine a store that carries it (assuming that you can’t find it for a good price locally.  Put it in your shopping cart.  Start the checkout process, enter all your information, but stop just before completing the order. At that point, just close that tab altogether.  Find a different online shop and so the same thing.  Maybe even a third.  Then?  Wait a while.

Give it a solid week.  Major retailers like Amazon won’t do anything, but a lot of other shops will get antsy waiting for you to complete that purchase and give them your money.  They’ll probably get more impatient than you.  That’s when the magic happens.

I did this a few days ago, and have been emails coming into my inbox ever since.  “Did you forget about us?”  “In case you didn’t notice, you still have to finish your order.”  And finally, this:


For doing nothing but taunting them with the promise of shopping there, I am going to get 15% off my order.  If I give it a couple more days, I might even get more.

Yet another strike against impulse shopping.  It’s always better to wait.

Update: As expected, a few days later I got a new email with a 25% discount!


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