Four months in…

So I’ve been tracking all of our expenses and accounts and everything else for four months now.  2017 was a great year for the two of us.  Both my husband and I received promotions that came with significant raises; we found out that our house could be worth a lot more than we thought it was, we stayed healthy, and had no major expenses.  I am truly thankful that we are so blessed.

I also can’t believe how much income we have.  Almost literally.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but growing up my goal in life was to have a job I didn’t hate that paid enough for me to live by myself and buy as many books as I wanted (I had high aspirations).  My background was the sort that considered $35,000 a year a great salary.  And as of yesterday, our net worth is now… $362,998.  A $14k increase over last month.

Some of that is due to a holiday bonus, but I’m also starting to realize it’s not unrealistic to plan for our net worth to go up $8-10k a month, which is the majority of our income.  We’re paying off our mortgage, paying our bills, and buying groceries.  My personal spending this month consisted of a few Timmies visits, a pedicure, a bottle of argon oil, and a scarf.   We saw a couple movies, bought a new board game, and spent about $30 at the LCBO for NYE prep.  We still had nights out with friends, but they were always at someone’s house instead of a bar.  I didn’t buy any new dress for any work- or family- holiday parties (I feel silly bragging about that, but according to my coworkers, that’s unusual).  We still have no car payments, no debt, and nothing else that’s sucking up our money.  Having no kids definitely helps, but I honestly don’t know where we could be spending our money in a way that would decrease the amount that we pump into savings.

We’ve also committed now to moving.  We signed a rental application for an apartment that will be ours as of Feb 1.  Once we’re out of the house, we’re going to have it painted and have a few repairs done, with the hope of having it on the market for March (or April at the latest).  We also have a vacation already booked (and paid for) in February, so it’s going to be a crazy few months.

Here’s to 2018!

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