Decision time

So I’m about to do something that feels completely contrary to FIRE goals and Mr Money Mustache and everything else I’ve read about how to save money.  When we sell our house, we’re probably going to *gasp* use a realtor.

I know that exists, and many other sites like it.  I know that I’m essentially flushing potentially tens of thousands of dollars down the drain.  I know how much that extra money would be worth in 20 years (trust me, I’ve plugged in the numbers).  It’s killing me to know that so much of the profit might disappear.  And yet, the idea of taking on the responsibility of selling the house by ourselves is terrifying.

We are going to have such a small window to sell the house.  We are all set to move into our apartment on Feb 2.  At that point we need to get the house painted (this has to happen when I’m not there, since I’m allergic to paint fumes) and have a few repairs done (which will be MUCH easier without our cats investigating the holes in the floors and walls).  Then, we’ve got a vacation booked in February that we’ve had planned and paid for since early 2017.  Looking at the past few years, it’s obvious that the house has to be on the market in early spring (March, preferably).  Without a realtor to handle some of that, I don’t know if we’ll make the deadline.

Then there’s the matter of showing the house.  My husband and I both work full time (and then some).  We likely won’t be able to do any last-minute house viewings, and wouldn’t be able to any at all during business hours.

I’ve done a little research, and it looks like homes sold-by-owner take longer to sell than the ones sold by realtors.  Since we’ll be paying rent and the mortgage at the same time, we obviously want to close as quickly as possible.

Finally, we’re chicken shits who are afraid to take the plunge and do it all ourselves.

I haven’t really decided yet.  I’ve arranged a call with a Comfree representative tomorrow, and we’re meeting with a realtor on the weekend, at which point I definitely want to talk about commission.

Then we need to decide and pull the trigger.  Time’s ticking…

3 thoughts on “Decision time

  1. Do what you have to do. My blog post tomorrow is about how we did everything the opposite of what MrMoneyMustache would do. And are still on track to retiring in less than 2000 more days. All the best!


  2. As Dirty Harry said, wait you aren’t old enough to know that. Anyway you have to know your own limitations. Compared to Mr. Money Mustache we are…well we aren’t him, so I think you are being smart!


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